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 Great All Purpose Architecture Site
www.archinect.com   ARCHINECT - News, discussion, views, great links, lots of contributors. This is it.
 Portfolio Hosting
www.coroflot.com   Coroflot - The best there is out there.
www.archinect.com/links   Archinect Competition Resources
www.deathbyarch.com   Death By Architecture - Still updated, but DBA is no longer on the forefront of the competition scene.
 The American Institute of Architects
www.aia.org   The Main AIA site
www.aiachicago.org   The Chicago chapter of the AIA
AIA Chicago firm weblinks   Links to Chicago architecture firms - a very comprehensive list.
AIA continuing education   AIA-CES Members Login Page
 Architecture News
www.archnewsnow.com   Architecture News Now
www.architectureweek.com   Architecture Week
www.archrecord.com   Architectural Record
www.dwellmag.com   Dwell Magazine
www.architecturemag.com   'Architecture' Magazine. I don't like their new logo, but often worth a peek
 Planning & Development
www.planetizen.com   News & Op-Ed concerning Urban Planning & Development
 Best Architectural Photography Site
www.abandoned-places.com   Check out the "photo wheel" - truly poetic and moving images.
en.wikipedia.org   Wikipedia-A nifty online resource that allows users to add content.
 Design Resources
www.designaddict.com   Design Addict. No junkies allowed.
www.massivechange.com   Massive Change. The Bruce Mau project - check out the "Radio" section.
 Discussion Groups
www.archinect.com   Less entertaining yet better now that v2.0 has launched.
www.designcommunity.com   Design Community
www.archiseek.com   Archiseek is a mostly UK forum - generally well heeled and well manered discussion
 Independent Journalism/Criticism
www.lynnbecker.com/repeat   Lynn Becker - Chicago finally has a brave new voice.
www.jsrussellwriter.com   James S. Russell writer.
www.hughpearman.com   Gabion - Architectural criticism by Hugh Pearman out of London.
www.pabook.com   Prairie Avenue Bookshop - The best architectural book store in the world.
 Random Architecture Banner
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