Graduate Design Thesis

I believe that every good architect started out as a passionate student. It's good to keep that passion for learning alive. I still think about my thesis work, and wish I had time to re-design certain elements.

Graduate Design Thesis

This thesis was about the vibrancy and energy inherent in complex urban conditions. Located in Chicago on a scrap site adjacent to the River, the shape of this multi-use facility is generated by the tracks beneath it and the buildings and river next to it. I was heavily influenced by Japanese architecture at the time, a result of studying under Botond Bognar, who has written numerous good books about that country's architectural trends. Learn more aboute Japanese architecture HERE.

Presentation Board for an Architectural Competition

This project originated as an independent research project and took form when I submitted it for a competition. Research included interviews with HUD employees and building managers for Chicago Housing Authority properties. This was also a good excuse to learn 3D Studio MAX, a software application with which I had no experience prior to completing this presentation.

IIT Construction Document

Construction Documents for the IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center required an enormous amount of research since many new materials were used or common materials were being used in unconventional ways. One example is the West faƧade, which employed an isophthalic cast resin grating, typically used for industrial flooring, as a rain screen.

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