Forest Hills Fine Arts Center Contract Document

As a designer, you have to be able to follow through with your ideas. You must get in the trenches and be able to produce the documentation required to make good design a reality. This contract documents details theater elements for a 1200 seat performing arts center.

IIT Contract Document

Producing contract documents for the McCormick Tribune Campus Center was particularly challenging since the design was in a constant state of flux. Rather than simply making cuts to the design, OMA answered cost reduction issues with intelligent design solutions. This required a huge amount of agility on the part of the technical team.

IIT Construction Photos

I believe the complete architect must be competent in the field. These pictures were taken at IIT during construction. Due to the complexity of the design, the design team had to keep an almost constant presence in the field.

Oxford Bank, Naperville IL

This project was done with Cordogan Clark and Associates. The design consisted of a complex interweaving of spatial geometries, necessitating extensive, and accurate documentation

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