IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center

The curtain wall at IIT was engineered to help reduce the noise from the CTA trains which run directly over the building. The glass buildup is over two inches thick, with a decorative polycarbonate interlayer glazed into the 3/4" air space. This interlayer, in combination with an additional colored PVB interlayer give the glass an orange tint, and create stunning visual effects.

Rendering for an Architectural Competition

This rendering was produced using rendered CAD models with post production in Adobe Photoshop. The image depicted is a parking structure, the mass of which provides balast and counterbalance for a suspension system that supports an urban plaza extending over an expressway.

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

At Holabird&Root I led the project team in developing extensive 3D computer models to study the theatrical and performance space of this multi-use auditorium. Rendered output from solid models proved critical for structural coordination.

Rendering for an Architectural Competition

Solving the problem of how to bridge an active expressway while maintaining existing access ramps proved to be a difficult first step. The vierendeel trusses and suspension systems allowed for full access from the expressway below to be maintained and also created an inhabitable structural layer which enhanced adjacent streetscapes.

I Admire. . .

Santiago Calatrava. I think he takes a lot of knocks from the architectural cognoscenti because his work isn't predicated on pop philosophy, nor is it accompanied by a pithy social commentary. Whatever. I love his architecture because it's unashamedly exhibitionist and undeniably beautiful. I took these photos of the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2003.

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