Presentation Board for an Architectural Competition

I think that every architect needs to first be an artist, in all things they do. This image was created using 3D modeling software in combination with Adobe Photoshop software. I like this image because it's sort of moody and fuzzy, more atmospheric than your run of the mill rendering. Click HERE for a nice ubercomposite of this project

Sketches Done While Studying in Europe

Japanese architect Tadao Ando never went to architectural school, he learned his trade by travelling around and sketching what inspired him. Or so the story goes. I wish I had more time to sketch now.

IIT Construction Document

The McCormick Tribune Campus Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology embodied the artistic vision of Rem Koolhaas. I was the project architect for exterior systems and produced this construction document. I think that on a project of this calibre, even the construction documents can be works of art. Click HERE for more on Rem and OMA

Presentation Board for an Architectural Competition

This is a Lit Wireframe view of a 3D solid model constructed in 3D Studio MAX. I never intended to use this strange perspective for the final presentation, but it had a dramatic feel to it.

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

These images were constructed for the Forest Hills Performing Arts Center near Grand Rapids, MI. The presentation materials were generated from working 3D models that we developed at Holabird&Root to study the theatrical space..

I admire. . .

E Fay Jones. He represents all that I love about Wright, but with a unique structural expression. I visited Thorncrown Chapel in 1997 and took these photos. Pilgrimage isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind. Click HERE for more on Fay Jones.

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